To End All Wars

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Squad-based World War 1 Miniature Game

To End All Wars is meant to be a simple, yet accurate representation of combat on the Western Front of World War I. Units are compiled into teams which have different actions they can take which can change the course of battle.

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Hey Wargamers,

TEAW has had a massive update today. There are now rules for Artillery and Gas as well as rules for campaigns. Check them out under 'rules and supplements'



Print out the figures made for To End All Wars.

Scenarios and Campaigns:

Recreate historical and non-historical scenarios from the First World War.

Latest Scenario: Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought from the 9th of April to the 12th, 1917. It was an Allied operation, consisting mostly of the Canadian Corps, to capture the high ground around the village of Vimy. Over the four days of the battle, the Canadian Corps would capture all of its objectives, due to the mix of heavy artillery support and tactical innovation.

Vimy Ridge is the first scenario to feature Canadian troops. It gives the Canadian player a large amount of objectives to complete, and the Germans options in how to layout their defense as they must split their troops between positions.

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